River Island Spring/Summer 2014

This video displayed a message that you can catch a guy’s attention from your clothing appearances everyday”. According to Brewer & Gardner (1996)’s claim that depending on various social situation, individuals are trying to find themselves and create more than one identity and roles in life. Therefore, referring this to the video, we can see that the lady try to change everyday’s clothing appearance in order to express who she is and catch the man’s attention. In fact, this is always happen to real life situation, like females try to look beautiful to impress the males. As a result, as we can see from the video, the lady successfully caught the man’s attention by the way she dresses up. River Island targets this to females and implies that the clothing from River Island could enhance your attractiveness. Moreover, I quite like the way they present the name of their brand at the end, this helps to recall and remember easily (recent effect) (Miller, 1956).

However, the problem of this video is people try to compare themselves with model’s ideal body features and appearances. This could have an impact on women’s self esteem and how they rate their attractiveness (Richins, 1991). Also, this may causes women become so materialistic and forget about their real beauty.

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