Nestle (Aero)- new product

Nestle has released a new product for its current caterogy (Aero). This advertisment is to increase customers’ knowledge towards this new product in order to gain awareness from customers and stores this image and information in their memories. This could also lead to enhance the new product adoption from the public. The slogan of limited edition is the unique selling point of this new favour product and increase the desirability of customers to purchase this new product. The visual image on this advertisment has given a emotional tag of excitement, it is because the visual image here is a “toy purchasing machines”, this expresses the notion of you may have a chance of not getting it, this could somehow induce the feeling of excitement from customers and change the buying behaviour to purchase it. Moreover, the price of this product is not very expensive, this at the same time reinforce customers’s desirability to buy the product. However, previous evaluate of old product may have a influence on customer’s discision in trying the new product. For example, if the customers feel dissatisfied with the old product of current category, it is less likely that the customers are interested in the new products.



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