Barclays Premier League: Love is Tough

Barclays advertising this to thank their footballs fans for using Barclays Premier League.

This advertisement have a target on football fans with different ages, for example, as we can see young adults, teenagers, female and male adults and elderly are showed up in this advertisement. Mainly, they are highlighting the idea that individuals at different ages with  the passionate in the uk football would have the spirit supporting the uk football teams.  This illustrates that this strategy of advertising has successfully derived from a common belief of uk locals about the prospective of uk footballs and to shape their decision with the message- “to follow is to love”. Assael (1998) claimed that “this convergence to lead to homogeneous consumer needs, tastes and lifestyle”. 

At the same time, it enables to increase local awareness about the uk football teams. It motivates the need for pleasure for fans to look for excitement and fun and need for involvement for uk locals to support and scream for their local team.This is essential to enhance the number of purchasing the tickets. 

Assael, H. (1998) Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action (6th edn). Cincinnati, OH:
South Western College Publishing.


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