What make me choose to buy this product from this seller?


What make me choose to buy this product from this seller?

I have been previously looking for a angry bird pens from ebay, however there are various similar product from different buyers. This makes me to question about “What make me to choose buying this product from this seller?

The promoting strategies on ebay mainly from the pictures the sellers show and ebay avdertises their products on the main page. Moreover, seller’s reputation also plays a main role in influencing buyer’s choice of buying.

Regarding this to the pictures above, the product on the left sold far more than the product on the right. Of course, you may ask about the prices of both products, I have to clarify here that they are both at the same prices selling in £1.99. Why? It is because of the picture that display to the buyers.

Picture on the right (picture 1)show the speed of their delivery, the company they are using for the mail and so on. This is more convenient and quick way  for the buyer to read the information rather than letting them to read on their own , also this could catch the buyer’s attention by showing the desire/ expecting services you give to the buyer. Bryan Eisenberg (2011) claimed that buyers usually take a easiest and fastest way to buy a products, however the more expensive of a product, the hardest for the buyers to make a choice (but this product on this post only selling in £1.99). Moreover, Geil Browning (2012) suggested that buyers have many preferences and usually spend a long time to make a choice beause they are weighting the products. Therefore, by giving them more information about the benfits and sevices on the picute, this could stay ahead of the competitors, so buyer could weight their products are better from the others (Quebec, 2009). Lastly, ebay buyer (all buyers) hope to get their products as soon as possible. Therefore, picture 1 shows a good example in understanding the need of customers and how to sell it more effective than the others by using more reliable mail company than others. I think this is the reason why they can sell more  than the competitors on ebay.


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