Would you give your jacket to Johannes?

This is filmed to enhance the awareness about the situation of children in Syria; In fact, children in Syria are mostly freezing in Syria during winter.

Need recognition: this time, it is not about the individuals themselves but about the people who is suffering. This film put viewers to think about what the child actually have and what the child desire to have. Therefore, people in this film tried to ask some questions to the child (search) in order to confirm about the need and the situation of this child. After understanding the situation, the people can choose to give or not to give something that keep warm to the child (Acquire/ Give). What people do in this film is related to the Pre-Purchase Processes of CDP model. However, whether or not, this will influence the viewer’s attitude or behaviour will be replied on their Post-Purchase processes of CDP model; for example, how they feel after watching the film? (evaluate the difference with donate or not to donate) If they feel satisfied and good after donation, they will maintain this behaviour.

I would say, people who watch this film will ‘mostly’ feel like to donate as I believe that we will never miss a chance to perfect our own humanity and be kind to others.


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