River Island Spring/Summer 2014

This video displayed a message that you can catch a guy’s attention from your clothing appearances everyday”. According to Brewer & Gardner (1996)’s claim that depending on various social situation, individuals are trying to find themselves and create more than one identity and roles in life. Therefore, referring this to the video, we can see that the lady try to change everyday’s clothing appearance in order to express who she is and catch the man’s attention. In fact, this is always happen to real life situation, like females try to look beautiful to impress the males. As a result, as we can see from the video, the lady successfully caught the man’s attention by the way she dresses up. River Island targets this to females and implies that the clothing from River Island could enhance your attractiveness. Moreover, I quite like the way they present the name of their brand at the end, this helps to recall and remember easily (recent effect) (Miller, 1956).

However, the problem of this video is people try to compare themselves with model’s ideal body features and appearances. This could have an impact on women’s self esteem and how they rate their attractiveness (Richins, 1991). Also, this may causes women become so materialistic and forget about their real beauty.

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Smoking Kid

This advertisement filmed children were asking the adults smoker for a light. As a result, almost every adults reminded the children about the health effects of smoking. But, a question was asked by those children- “If it is so bad, why are you smoking?”and handed a smoking leaflet to the adult smokers.

Again, the message of this advertisement is very obvious and clear, it shows obviously the it is about smoking. And, there are some scenes that cause the viewers to elaborate the message. Such as, the question that was asked to those children- “If it is so bad, why are you smoking?” and the message on the leaflet as well-“You worry about me, why not about yourself?”. According to my previous blog, it mentioned about the effectiveness of elaborating on a persuasive message. If the elaboration is high, the viewers are more likely to change their attitudes towards this matter.

Moreover, there is a message factors in this advertisement. For me, I think this advertisement shows two-sided decisions/ argument allowing the viewers to think about if they were in that situation-To give a light or not to give a light. Apparently, none of them provided a light to those children. But why? This leads to my next point-Audience factor. It is important that whether the viewer/receiver hold a same belief/behavior with the messages, for example if the receivers hold a same belief with those adult smokers towards the health consequences of smoking and will decide not to give a light, they are more likely to be persuaded by the advertisement. Furthermore, The leaflet, the children and the question from those children are the key of this advertisement, without them persuasion is not going to be work. It is because adult usually teach children how to behavior and to do, however this advertisement causes the adult smokers to re-think about their behavior- whether their behavior identical with how they teach the children? Also, the words “Why not worry about yourself”, lead them to think about the THEIR health consequence of smoking. By that, the leaflet picks up the point that “Reminding yourself is the most effective way”; implies the smokers noticed the effects of smoking but they rarely remind themselves about it.

Overall, this is a very good advertisement and personally letting people to THINK is the most effective way to persuade the receivers.

McDonald’s Canada

The company of McDonald in Canada believes that using traditional advertising is not very influential. With the survey from McDonald’s Canada found that about 50% do not believe in the food and the advertising from McDonald. Therefore they decided to make a video that allows the public to ask questions about their curiosities and questions about McDonald through the internet:

First of all, from the video the identification of the brand is very clear, this allows the viewers to know that this is a video from McDonald. The message from this video is very obvious as well, they would like to have public’s questions towards their company. This a very creative idea and unique for the viewers as an advertisement. Because of this, it catches attentions from the publics to their web page; we can see there are quite a lot of people asking questions about their products through this web site. By this, this could enhance the communication between the company and the customers and let more people to understand their products in a better way, rather than searching from the internet with various information.  According to Peters (2003), he said the the internet is a very useful communication tool with customers, this increased the number of customers to visit their page and view their products. This could increase customers’ knowledge about their products. However, do they really answer all the questions clearly?

As we can see, they did answer the questions and provided the proofs to the public. This is very persuasive for me. This can be referring to the Likelihood Model (ELM) (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986), they found out if the people are more likely to elaborate the message, the more likely they will be persuaded by the message. In this case, when people are asking a question about McDonald, they are more likely to think about the answer as well. By doing a video like this, answering the questions from the customers can change the previous negative images about McDonald, in order to show the customers the reasons of why something is like this and how did the company do that etc. This could change consumers’ attitudes towards McDonald. Moreover,if I am the customers who got answered by McDonald, I will definitely find reinforced as it seems that they care about their customers. This may helps with the consumer loyalty.

Overall, I find this idea very creative and useful.